Slow down. Engage. Reflect. Realize Solutions.


Welcome to Roche + Associates



Roche + Associates specializes in treating and supporting busy professionals and their families who demand high quality services and individualized attention. You will not find “cookie cutter” therapy here; instead, you will find an integrative approach that uses the techniques and approaches that are best suited to your specific needs. The same is true of our made-to-measure Psychological Evaluations, which are designed with the individual in mind and include a comprehensive report you can understand, with individualized recommendations and an in-person feedback session.

Adults, adolescents, children, families, and couples with a broad range of presenting problems are treated by well-trained and experienced professionals in a comfortable, modern space.  Dr. Roche and her associates are authentic, warm, and engaging, but also informed, incisive, and inspiring. You will enjoy building a strong relationship with a clinician who is professional, but relaxed. You might even experience a laugh or two, as you work to create real and lasting change.

Roche + Associates clinicians believe in a collaborative approach – both among clinicians in the practice and with physicians, school personnel, and other therapists or other helpers outside the practice. Please call to get started on an individualized program that works for you.

Roche +Associates does not accept insurance. However, the necessary documentation can be provided to submit for out-of-network reimbursement. Roche + Associates clinicians are not Medicaid/Medicare providers