Our Approach


Roche + Associates Psychotherapy and Consultation offers psychological assessment when there is a need to evaluate a child’s or adult’s intellectual, academic, emotional, personality, or behavioral functioning.  A formal evaluation provides the opportunity to accurately identify underlying issues and assist individuals, parents, mental health providers, or educational professionals to develop a plan that best addresses an individual’s or family’s needs.

Psychological evaluations typically include an initial intake evaluation followed by a number of assessment sessions using a variety of measures and interviews, a detailed interpretation of results, and a written evaluation report for the individual, family, or provider. Our made-to-measure Psychological Assessments are designed with the individual in mind and include a comprehensive report you can understand, with individualized recommendations and an in-person feedback session.

Psychological assessments are currently available at Roche + Associates’ main Memorial City location and at our location in the Heights.

Examples of Psychological Assessment:

  • Comprehensive diagnostic evaluations

  • Psycho-educational Evaluations (Cognitive Ability/Achievement)

  • Social-Emotional Evaluation (e.g. to clarify a variety of symptoms such as mood or anxiety)

  • ADHD Evaluations (Child or Adult)

  • Psychological Evaluation in order to create Behavior Plans

  • Personality Evaluations

Individualized estimate are provided depending on referral questions and provider.

Psychological Assessments are available for: